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Power and diagnostic car scanner Testing Cable Connection

FCAR F3 auto code scanner  Main Unit Power Supply
FCAR F3 auto code scanner main unit power supply has four kinds of ways
①    Through the power adapter supply
②    Vehicle diagnostic socket power supply
③    Vehicle cigarette lighter power supply
④    Vehicle battery power supply

Cable Connection Method
Option of power:
If the diagnostic socket not with power supply, can choose ① ③ ④ in 1 one of the three power connection methods to provide power for the  diagnostic car scanner main unit.
If the diagnostic socket with power, you do not need to connect another power cord.

The connection of testing cable as shown in Figure .2

FAQ for Fcar auto code scanner

1, Q: Fcar auto code scanner Screen no display but power light on after main unit power on?
A: Wait for a few more minutes after power on.If the screen is still black and power light on,then main unit has problem,please contact after-sales department,we will resolve it for you as soon as possible.
2, Q: When detecting vehicle,car computer scanner screen no display and power light not on after pressing switch?
A: When connect with vehicle, diagnostic socket of body may have no supply voltage,the machine need to be supplied with power by cigar lighter or battery terminal that Fcar auto code scanner equipped with,(use the battery folder on vehicle being detected;If use external power of code scanner for cars,then should be battery power on the same vehicle;otherwise current surge will result in hardware damage or failure to test).If still unable power on and ensure that main testing line of code scanner for cars no problem,then the main unit is faulty,please contact after-sales department,we will solve as soon as possible.

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